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Cavitometer is designed to measure and control the cavitation activity in high-power ultrasonic fields and hydrodynamic cavitometers... More

Portable cavitometer

The cavitation meter is used to measure and regulate the cavitation activity inside powerful ultrasonic fields and hydrodynamic cavitators... More

Ultrasound generator

This generator can be used as an ultrasonic frequency variable-voltage source, for instance, to supply power for ultrasonic piezoceramic converters... More

Ultrasonic disperser

The sonicator is used to generate ultrasonic vibrations in liquids.... More

Sonoluminescent setup

The sonoluminescent system is used to study cavitation and cavitation-related phenomena by means of recording sonoluminescence, in other words - glowing, generated by the zone of cavitation.... More

Contactless vibrometer

The vibrometer is designed for non-contact measurements of the vibration amplitude in metallic surfaces. They can be tools and machinery parts as well as ultrasonic sensors... More

Ultrasonic low-frequency cavitation system

Generation of ultrasonic vibrations in liquids at a controlled level of cavitation activity.... More

Ultrasonic bath

The ultrasonic bath is used for treatment of liquids and liquideous substances in ultrasonic fields, as well as of solid surface in liquids under ultrasound... More