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The sonicator is used to generate ultrasonic vibrations in liquids.

The system can be used in production of suspensions or emulsions of different substances, rinsing of small articles from mechanical impurities, extraction, dispersion, and in sonochemistry, as well as in processing of samples from fiber-like, crystal-like, powder-like and other substances during electron-microscope research.



Chemistry, sonochemistry:

- acceleration of sonochemical reactions;

- improvement of reactive ability in metallic surfaces;

- scission of high-molecular compounds (depolymerizing);

- catalytic effect in reactions with powders (for instance, catalytic effect of Nickel powder is intensified under ultrasound by several orders of magnitude);

- cracking processing of paraffins into smaller fragments under room temperature;

- increasing the yield rate in Ulmann and Wurtz reactions, as well as in other types of reactions.



- fast breakage of bacteria, among which are Acetobacterxylinum, Actinomyces, Bacillus subtilus, Candida albicans, Erythrozytes, Eukaryotic cells, H. Ep. 2-cells, Helicobacter pylori, Saccharomyces cerecevisae, Lactobacillus, Staphylococcus aureus, Steptococcus;

- simplification of the blood test for Stomafree hemolysate – the processing time is reduced from 30 min down to 5 s;

- breakage of the DNA chains;

- separation of encymes from mitochondria;

- acceleration of Misfolding prions production in medical research;

- cell disruption.


Technology and analysis:

- production of stable and fine emulsions;

- production of stable and fine suspensions, including suspensions of nanoparticles;

- preparation of soil samples to identify the presence of hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons;

- homogenization of samples of wastes to decide on their salvageability;

- freeing of gas from liquids,

- purification and degreasing of surfaces

Technical specifications

Rated operating frequency of the emitter, kHz 22
Generator operating frequency band, kHz 20...25
AFC loop retention range, kHz ± 2
Rated generator power, W 100
Power output control range, % 5…100
Operation modes



Dimensions, mm 310x200x70
Supply voltage, V; Hz 220 ±10 %; 50
Material of the replaceable waveguide in the emitter Titanium
Diameter of the emitting surface, mm 12
Material of the converter piezoceramic
Max. vibration amplitude, mkm 37






The sonicators can be modified (different power and frequency output parameters, specialized emitter) following the technical specifications provided by the Customer.

Operation principle

The sonicator has the following principle of operation: the piezoelectric emitter converts electrical oscillations, generated by the transistor generator, into elastic mechanical vibrations at a corresponding frequency. These vibrations are transferred to the working medium through a waveguide.

The impact on the physico-chemical processes in liquids is achieved mainly due to the secondary acoustic effects, namely cavitation and acoustic flows.

Deliverable package

Variable-voltage ultrasonic frequency generator  – 1 piece.

Ultrasonic vibrations emitter – 1 piece.

User’s manual – 1 copy.

Delivery terms and conditions

The sonicator delivery terms and conditions are set forth in the Delivery/Development Agreement.

The date when the «Product» is transferred to the Customer or his authorized carrier (in case, the express mail services are used) is considered the Product delivery date.

The « Product » is delivered in one batch within no more than 20 calendar days from the date the advanced payment arrives at the Contractor’s account.

Product warrantee liabilities

The guarantee service term is 12 months from the delivery date (as per the waybill).


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