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This generator can be used as an ultrasonic frequency variable-voltage source, for instance, to supply power for ultrasonic piezoceramic converters..


Ultrasonic engineering, ultrasound technologies.


Rated transmitter frequency, kHz…MHz 22...2
Generator rated kilowatt, up to, W 300
Power output adjustment range, % 5…100
Operation modes


Continuous wave

Dimensions, mm 310x200x70
Supply voltage, V, Hz 220 ±10 %; 50

Generators are customizable (different power and frequency outputs are available).

Operation principle

Two basic units compose the circuit of the device, namely: a master frequency generator (MFG) and a powerful high-frequency inverter.

The MFG controls the inverter through ac voltage, rectangular in shape. The inverter converts the dc voltage of the power supply into the ac voltage at the ultrasonic frequency. Latching inverter transistors generate ac voltage close to rectangular at the primary winding of the output transformer. If an ultrasonic transducer be connected to the secondary coil of the output transformer, the shape of the generator voltage output appears to be close to sinusoidal. Since the inverter transistors are latching, the output voltage swing and, hence, the generator power output both depend on the inverter consumption voltage only. Therefore a controllable rectifier, built on the basis of the network voltage converter with transformless input, was used to change the power output.

Deliverable package

AC generator at ultrasonic frequency – 1 piece.

The generator can be matched to the transmitters installed at the Customer’s site.

Delivery terms and conditions

The generator delivery terms and conditions are set forth in the Delivery/Development agreement.

The date when the «Product» is transferred to the Customer or his authorized Carrier (in case express mail services re used) is considered delivery date.

The «Product» is delivered in one batch within no more than 20 calendar days from the date the advanced payment arrives at the Developer’s account.

Product warrantee liabilities

The guarantee service term is 12 months from the delivery date (as per the waybill).


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