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The ultrasonic bath is used for treatment of liquids and liquideous substances in ultrasonic fields, as well as of solid surface in liquids under ultrasound.

The bath may be used to prepare suspensions (including those of nanoparticles) or emulsions of different substances, rinsing of small parts from mechanical impurities; extraction and dispersion.


 - chemistry, sonochemicstry;

- acceleration of sonochemical reactions;

- improvement of reactive abilities of metallic surfaces;

- scission of high-molecular compounds (depolymerizing);

- catalytic effect in reactions based on powders (for instance, under ultrasound the catalytic effect of Nickel powder can be intensified by several orders of magnitude);

- cracking of paraffins into minute fragments under room temperature;

- enhancement of the yield rate in Ullmann and Wurtz reactions, as well as in some others.



- fast bacterial breakdown, including such bacteria as Acetobacterxylinum, Actinomyces, Bacillus subtilus, Candida albicans, Erythrozytes, Eukaryotic cells, H.  Ep. 2-cells, Helicobacter pylori, Saccharomyces cerecevisae, Lactobacillus, Staphylococcus aureus, Steptococcus;

- cell disruption.


Industrial technologies:

- cleaning and degreasing of surfaces;

- production of stable and fine emulsions;

production of stable and fine suspensions, including nanoparticle suspension;

- degasifying treatment of liquids.

Technical specifications

Nominal operating frequency of the source, kHz 37
Generator operating frequency band, kHz 33...39
Retention range of the automatic frequency control (AFC) loop, kHz ± 2
Generator power rating, W from 100 to 600
Power output control range, % 5…100
Operation modes



Baths with different power output and frequency parameters can be made as per the technical requirements provided by the Customer.

Operation principles

The bath is composed from a container with emitters and a generator.

The emitters are connected to the bath bottom by means of explosive welding, thus ensuring resistance to mechanical effects, increasing the lifetime 10 times, making it possible to use higher sound intensities, and to work with liquids at high temperatures.


The operation principle of the bath is as follows: piezoelectric emitters convert the electrical oscillations, generated by the transistor generator, into elastic mechanical vibrations at a corresponding frequency. These vibrations are transferred to the working medium trough the bath bottom.

The impact on the physico-chemical processes in liquids is achieved mostly by means of secondary acoustic effects, namely cavitation and acoustic flows.

Deliverable package

Ultrasonic frequency variable-voltage generator – 1 piece.

Bath – 1 piece.

User's manual – 1 copy.

Delivery terms and conditions

The ultrasonic bath delivery terms and conditions are set forth in the Delivery/Development Agreement.

The date when the «Product» is transferred to the Customer or his authorized carrier (in case, the express mail services are used) is considered the Product delivery date.

The « Product » is delivered in one batch within no more than 20 calendar days from the date the advanced payment arrives at the Contractor’s account.

Product warrantee liabilities

The guarantee service term is 12 months from the delivery date (as per the waybill).


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